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Application for making a feminist internet: Movement building in a digital age in Africa


Thank you for your interest in Making a feminist internet: Movement building in a digital age in Africa, to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa  28 - 31 October, 2019. 

Due to intermittent connectivity that can mean loss of application information, we strongly suggest you

a) save the application as you go along and/or

b) review and prepare the application questions beforehand and cut and paste them into the application form at the end.


Important information

This call for participation closes on 23 August 2019 at 21.00 UTC. Applications received after this time and date will *not* be considered.

APC will cover all of the costs of successful applicants who will be required to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa and participate for the duration of the 4-day meeting. APC will provide successful applicants with the necessary documents to help facilitate visa applications.

Due to funding limitations, this convening, and all processes leading up to the event will be conducted in English. While we encourage applicants from Francophone and Lusophone Africa to apply, we require that the participants have a good command of spoken and written English.

This convening prioritises the African region. As such, preference will  be given to persons living in and from African countries. Africans from  the diaspora and those living outside the region are welcome to apply,  noting that we have limited funding support for those travelling from outside of Africa.

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